The Grill Dome offers every would-be Alfresco Chef the possibility of cooking incredible food, all year round:

Traditional BBQ     Roasting       Low and Slow

Smoke     Outdoor Baking Oven      Pizza Oven        Searing

Grill Domes come pre-assembled so you are ‘Ready to Cook’ as soon as it arrives, just unpack and start.

Grill Dome ceramics are up to TWICE as thick as other ceramics, twice the thickness means greater heat retention capacity and superior thermal efficiency.

Heavy duty 304 Stainless Steel standard. Grill Dome only uses high standard stainless steel for hinges, bottom damper, nuts and bolts. So no rust !

Each Grill Dome comes equipped with a “Ready to cook pack”.

This means that you can get cooking straight away!

This pack includes the following:-

Ash Tool- This Ash Tool makes cleaning your charcoal ceramic grill a doddle. The long corrosion-resistant tool will reach deep into ceramic grills to push ashes out the bottom damper which also doubles as an ash tool as a charcoal rake used to move or stoke the lit charcoal or arrange unlit charcoal.

Grill Gripper – Ideal for lifting hot, dirty grates without burning your hands.

Indirect Cooking Rack – The Indirect Cooking Rack is one of the most versatile racks. It can be used for indirect cooking and searing steaks. Flip the rack over and use the top-side to cook pizza or for multiple levels of cooking.

Pizza Stone – The Terapex Ceramic pizza stone can be used for baking or indirect cooking. Expand your kamado cooking options by baking calzones, breads, and cookies.

Mobile Stand – This Grill Dome Mobile allows you to move your Infinity Series Grill around the patio safely, and gives the grill height for comfortably preparing meals. Optional folding side shelves add space for preparing food while smoking or grilling.

*Please note, all orders dispatched outside the UK mainland will be charged carriage at cost.*

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