XL Grill Dome Kamado

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“Grill Dome” is the ultimate Kamado Grill and BBQ with the ability to hold heat in without leaks.

The result is consistently even cooking whether you choose to BBQ, smoke, bake, grill or sear.

Bringing a whole new level of quality and style to outdoor cooking, this stunning large grill dome is perfect for entertaining or for family get-togethers.

New Dial-Top: Lock in smoke flavour and control heat more precisely than any other vent.
Featherlite Hinge: Lift the heavy duty lid with two-fingers.
Flip-up Cooking Grill: Add wood chips and charcoal on the fly without needing to remove the grill.
Join around the BBQ and create delicious unforgettable meals; from juicy steak, to tasty authentic pizza or even smoky, tender roast chicken – for a tasty twist on a Sunday favourite.

Easy to use; simply fill the dome with charcoal, drop in a lit Firestarter, open up both dampers and 7-10 minutes later you’ll be ready to cook up a feast!

With its expert design, every element of the grill dome is built for longevity and to intensify flavour.

Super thick ceramic walls enable better heat retention and fuel efficiency, more even cooking, improved temperature control and juicier, more succulent food. This is combined with heavy-duty 304 grade stainless steel and a unique, superior-quality spring lift system which allows you to lift the lid easily.

Perfect for impressing your friends, and exceptionally easy to use, this BBQ is a superb choice for a whole range of cooking from simple, everyday meals to the more sophisticated.

* Available in Silver or Copper

Fast Heating: ready to cook in just 10 minutes
Full temperature control: The damper system gives accurate control of the temperature as well as the amount of smoke flavour infused into foods.
Low maintenance: Simple and easy – just brush the grill before cooking and remove the ash every 5 uses.
Reusable Charcoal: unlike other grills the charcoal can be used again – meaning lower fuel costs.
Safer: Thick insulating walls (up to 2x thicker than other kamado ceramic domes!) keep the outside of the dome at a much cooler temperature; helping to keep kids and pets safe.

  1. Grilling Area: 1710 cm² Grill Diameter: 54 cm
    Dimensions: H 97 x W 66 x D 61 cm Weight: 91 kg

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